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Services Offered

Vissering Consulting Group specializes in providing support and solutions for all aspects of federal, state, and local environmental and historic preservation compliance, hazard mitigation technical support, and the development, review and implementation of federal grants. 

  • Environmental and Historic Preservation Compliance  Environmental compliance specialists are available for NEPA, environmental planning, Section 106 survey and agreement document preparation.

  • Environmental Policy and Guidance Development Our senior staff have decades of experience with regulatory development and implementation, as well as training and guidance delivery.

  • Disaster Response and Recovery Programs Experience with deployments to over 15 federally-declared disasters across all program areas. 

  • Hazard Mitigation Planning Our consultants provide field-tested completion of mitigation plans, from State level to updates of small, local jurisdictions. 

  • Development and implementation of Grants Our key staff have experience with the development, review, and implementation of federal grants, from grant proposal and benefit-cost analysis to documentation of environmental compliance.